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Readily Available Propane Equipment

Propane gas is highly volatile, and it requires meticulous care and handling. At Lake to Lake Energy in Penn Yan, NY, we are aware of every user’s need for quick access to parts that keep equipment functioning properly and safely. By making parts, supplies, equipment, and propane gas readily available all the time, we make this ideal situation take place.


To be able to keep propane gas equipment functionally safe all the time, we focus on providing customers with parts and supplies that conform to technical and safety standards. We have 1,000-, 500-, 320-, and 120-gallon gas tanks.

Our mobile services allow you to have refills on these gas tanks at home. All you have to do is call us, and we’ll send one of our crew members to your location. You can also have tanks refilled at any of our various NY locations.

Please note that we don’t offer kerosene at our stores. Our products and services focus only on propane gas and all related parts, supplies, and equipment.


There are parts and supplies that you need to have for propane gas tanks to function properly. These accessories enable the propane in the tank to flow into home appliance terminals in cooking ranges, stoves, furnaces, heaters, dryers, furnaces and the like. To be able to control the flow of propane to these appliances, gas lines and regulators are necessary.

We have top-quality gas lines, regulators, tanks, and propane gas always available for sale and delivery to homeowners. You can also ask us for tips regarding the safe usage of all these products. See list below for equipment prices:

Refurbished Tanks

  • 1,000 gal. 
  • 500 gal. 
  • 330 gal. 
  • 120 gal. 

New Tanks

  • 1,000 gal.
  • 500 gal. 
  • 120 gal.

Underground Tanks

  • 1,000 gal.
  • 500 gal. 


  • Regulators
  • Pigtails 
  • Anode Bags


(Note: Prices vary depending on quality.)

New and reconditioned propane tanks, regulators, and gas lines are also available. Call us today at 315-531-8521 or 315-531-1007 to request for equipment deliveries and propane gas refills.

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